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Who Comes Next?

Building Your Leadership Bench

Every organization needs a plan for leadership succession, but few leaders know how to start the process. WHO COMES NEXT? guides leaders and managers through the steps of creating a viable succession plan. This book simplifies the succession planning process and gives you the tools you need to build and activate your leadership succession. Whether you are part of a small family business or a Fortune 500 company, you need to start now planning for WHO COMES NEXT?


Key Takeaways:

  • Proven methodology for building your leadership bench
  • Powerful techniques to build long, loyal and highly engaged leaders
  • Secrets to aligning your succession plan to your strategic objectives
  • Innovative strategies to get you out of the “urgent” phase, and into a culture of continuous leadership development
  • A customized succession plan ready for immediate implementation

The 5-Minute Succession Plan

Get the Checklist That Will Get You Started - in 5 Minutes.

This checklist will prompt you, the business owner or business executive – in 5 minutes – to see if you can assess and identify qualified candidates who can take on leadership roles within your organization.